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Title: The media has beaten Manchester United and released.
Post by: jorjorbeth on December 09, 2018, 10:51:49 PM

The good news is not Manchester United's news is not to leave Papa Pau after the refugee and Cheese M÷ssen to drop just to reserve.
     Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is ready to release Paul French midfielder from Old Trafford Ford next summer if Barcelona pay. The number of unsatisfactory results, according to a report from Daily Media, the British media last Sunday, December 9.

    Barša have been interested in Pablo for some time and have offered to Meryl and Andre Gomez to the "Red Devils" in exchange for a 25-year-old star. However, Manchester United. No mess As a result, the two players have moved to Everton at this time.     

    Daily Mail quoted a source close to Manchester United as saying, "If somebody comes in with a satisfactory amount of money, then Jose is ready to sell Pablo."GentingClub (